Willkomen auf den Kunstseiten von Guido Erfen

Welcome to the fine arts pages of Guido Erfen

Dies ist der Seiten-Rumpf einer 2001 begonnenen, aber aus verschiedenen Gründen nie wirklich fertiggestellten Homepage. in Zukunft wird es hoffentlich zu einer modernisierten und umfassenderen Seite kommen. Bis dahin hoffe ich, dass auch dieses Provisorium weiterhilft.

> Weiter zu den Bildern ...

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The work on these pages had been started in early 2001 but never been finished for several reasons. Hopefully there will be a modernised version sometime in the future. For now I hope this humble skeleton of a page will help.

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Guido Erfen is also known for other activities:

As a graphic-designer (layouts, labels, web-pages, covers, pictograms) and programmer (mostly PHP5, JS) his references can be found elsewhere. By the way: his earliest profession was stonemason.

His best known work as a DJ appeared under the artist-names Schäng Pfui (1995) and GeeNerve (1996/1999).

As a music publisher, concert organizer and tape-label-networker he was part of the SHM, which was re-launched as a web-label in 2004.

SHM-Tapes & Publishing promoted the work of significant artists like Amy Denio, Hermanos Guzanos, Kevyn Dymond and Robin O' Brien. SHM's most enduring contributions to the music word might have been the "Cologne Dropouts"-compilation & -festival in 1989 and even more the "Novaya Scena - Underground from the Ukraine"-CD on What's So Funny About in 1993. The latter was a proof that Soviet-time-rooted Underground could go highly original ways.

Guido was an early exponent of the 80ies' D.I.Y.-Home-Taper-Movement by recording and distributing cassette-albums with fellow class-mates under the moniker Meadow Meal in 1981/82. (Their style decades later was categorized "Minimal Wave" and had been bootlegged several times.) Learn more about the early years here at Don Campau's tape archive.

As a bass player he was part of improvisers Das Hertz in 2006-2009.

Recently and somewhat surprisingly even for himself he switched to guitar, mostly acoustic, naming his approach "Primitive German Guitar" (according to his impression that it is rather an primitve approach than an particulary German one). You can get a first impression of what it will sound like by downloading this ZIP-file with his first demos. For instant listening just try out the 70-minute MP3-file here.